Top Secret!
Academy Pass Set Up Instructions
For Lead Teachers Only!

Do not share with colleagues!
More info on how to do this below!

Step 1 - Create Your Lead Teacher Account

Accessing the Academy Pass and accessing all of the resources is really straight forward. Just follow these 4 steps. 

Step 1 – Create your account and log in if you have NEVER had an account before

Step 2 – Watch the academy pass tour video

Step 3 – Share access with your colleagues (show in the 1st 2min of the tour video in step 2)

Step 4 – Join a test stream on Thursday 29th Feb or Friday 1st Feb to check your school can play the videos.

Let’s start with Step 1! Creating your lead teacher account is really easy. 

This video explains it all, but essentially just click the button below, fill in the form to create your account and you’re in!

Step 2 - Academy Pass Tour Video

This video tells you everything you need to know about The Academy Pass. You’ll discover:

– how to access all the live streams

– how to share access with colleagues for Step 3

and… access the WHOLE academy site as a Brucey Bonus!

This video is also shown when you first create your account and is in the Academy Pass section of the Academy too. 

(You might want to click full screen to see everything you need to know!)

The 1st 2minutes of this video show you how to complete Step 3 – sharing access with your colleagues. 

Step 3 - Sharing Access with Colleagues

To share access with colleagues in your school, just follow these instructions (also shown in the 1st 2minutes of the video in Step 1):

– Log in and head to the School Management Area. You’ll see it in the very top menu

– On the next page scroll down a little and you’ll see three sections, one for teachers, one for parents and one for students. 

– Under each section is a unique URL for your school and account. All you have to do is copy and paste the teacher URL into an email and send it to your colleagues. 

– They must click the link and create their own account. Once they have done this, they will have access to the same content as you!

Step 4 - Join a Test Live Stream

On Thursday 29th & Friday 1st March, we’ll be running some test live streams. All you have do

The links are below and inside the Academy Pass (see video in Step 2!)

All you have to do is click any point in the time slot, see if the video player appears and if you can hear some music. If you can – you’re all set! 

The video will look something like the picture here!

You may have to unmute the volume on the video player on the screen to hear the music!

If you can’t see a video player or the site gets blocked, you’ll have to ask your IT department to take a look!

Click any of the links below at any point during the time slots below. 

Thursday 29th Feb: 8am – 9:30am –

Thursday 29th Feb: 3:30pm – 5pm –

Friday 1st March: 8am – 9:30am –

Friday 1st March: 3:30pm – 5pm –