Medical Mavericks Assembly Training

Video 1 - General Info

In this video, Tom gives you a quick walk through the assembly and how it should work, with some hints and tips on certain slides. What this before the main assembly video below. 

Video 2 - Assembly and Notes

This is Tom’s version of the assembly that you can follow. The powerpoint slides can be downloaded using the button below and you are free to pick which careers to talk about depending on the time you have in the assembly. Tom explains this in more detail at the end of this video. 

Tom’s version of the assembly is around 19minutes, which is probably a little too long for the majority of assemblies (but not all!) – so you can drop certain careers from the ones included. However make sure you include at least 2! 

The download is from Dropbox so it will display the ppt in dropbox to start with, however, you can download it by clicking the download button at the top of the page that appears. You will be asked to sign in / create account, but if you scroll down you can download without doing this. The file should go straight into the downloads folder. 

Video 3 - The Follow Up - Most Important!

At some point in your visit on the day, you should meet a member of the school’s SLT (senior leadership team). We requested this happens as a condition of the assembly booking. We are testing to see if we run an assembly, are the more likely to book a workshop. 

We need you to introduce yourself, thank them for letting us run an assembly and hand over a pack with our workshop info and book inside. Please watch the video below to see how Tom would explain what we do to the teacher and member of the SLT. 

If we have visited the school for several assemblies or they have another one coming up, you may not meet SLT as it has already happened or it is planned to happen on an assembly in the future. 

Please collect the name of the SLT teacher that you meet and forward onto Rebecca once the assembly has finished.