Does your school qualify for a £1095 workshop bursary?

Become a host venue for a MedicFest event to qualify!

Plus over £1000 of additional bonuses for your school!

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£1095 Workshop Bursary Quick Qualification Checklist

Here's how it works...

Step 1 - Become a Host Venue for MedicFest

During the summer holidays we run an event called MedicFest that travels to towns and cities all over the UK. It is a ticketed event that children aged 6 to 14 can attend, either on their own or with their parents. 

Schools are the perfect place to host a MedicFest event and we are on the look out for venues all over the UK. 

In return for letting us use your school as a MedicFest venue, your school can book a day of Careers in Health workshops for £500 + VAT, by using your £1095 bursary towards your day.

MFEST square
MFEST square (1)

What facilities do we need for MedicFest

Ideally we need the following:

  • 4 good sized classrooms or labs or spaces with tables & chairs
  • 1 x hall or sports hall type space
  • A location for signing people in & a holding area – could be the hall / sports hall
  • A location to eat packed lunches
  • Access to a car park & toilets on site

On the day we arrive around 8am to unload and setup. Visitors arrive from 9:30am and we finish and pack up by 4:30pm.

When & Where does MedicFest Run?

MedicFest takes place during the summer holidays. We run them Monday through to Sunday each week, so we may be asking to access your school over a weekend. 

In addition we also run a handful of weekend events outside of the summer holidays and could also ask to use your school on these dates too. 

We typically tour a region of the country over several days too, EG: North West – Mon to Wed, then Midlands Fri to Sunday. 

We’ll share with you what our ideal dates are with you on a Discovery Call if you book one. 

MFEST square (3)

Who can attend a MedicFest?

MedicFest events are open to the public as a ticketed event. Ticket prices for 2024 are TBC, but in previous years they have been £49 for the day. 

Typically, each event has between 60 and 100 attendees, with many events over the past 3 tours selling out. 

The summer holiday events are open to children aged 6 to 14 and we have a limited number of places for parents to attend along side their children if they wish (especially for the younger visitors). 

This makes the event a fantastic opportunity for potential future students & their parents to see your school and the contribution you are making to the community!

Step 2: Book Your Workshop Using Your Bursary!

Save over £1000 compared to a typical booking!

How much and when...

By becoming a MedicFest host venue, you are able to use your bursary to contribute to the booking of a day of Careers in Health workshops at your school. 

By using your £1095 bursary towards a day, all that is left to pay is £500 + VAT. 

Your day with us must be delivered in either Sept, Oct or Nov 2024 and the £500 + VAT is payable once we have delivered your day of workshops. 

Your day is no different to a normal booking, you get all the amazing activities, workbooks and inspirational fun!

Workshop Mission & Logistics

Careers in Health is our flagship workshop and has been used by 1000s of schools across the UK. The whole aim of the workshop is to showcase the amazing range of careers in the NHS that it is not just doctors or nurses. If students can achieve 5 GCSEs at levels 9-4, there is a career for them in the NHS!

The workshop can be repeated 4 to 6 times over the day, inline with your timetable, to a different group or class each time (typically 30-40 students). 

We can engage and inspire any year group from year 7 to 13, and tailor the workshop to the year group we are seeing. 

All we need to run the day is a good sized classroom, lab or open space with 10 tables and chairs for the students to sit on. 

We arrive around 8am to unload and set up and pack down within 30minutes of the day finishing. 

Workshop Activities

During a workshop, your students get to play with REAL medical kit to explore how their body works and discover amazing careers in the NHS they didn’t know existed.

Activities include: taking blood from a fake arm using a real needle, recording and printing an ECG from their heart, trying their hand at keyhole surgery, taking a photo of their retina and much more!

Take a look at the video to see the workshop in action!

See the workshop in action!

Step 3: Accept £1,254 of Ethical Bonus Bribes!

Books, Magazines and Resources for your MAT

If receiving a £1095 bursary wasn’t enough, we’re also throwing in a THREE additional bonuses worth £1,254 (exactly!) to make the deal even sweeter… not just for your school but for schools in your trust or local community. 

Ethical Bonus 1
5 x Academy Pass Subscriptions
Value: £975

Every Year during National Careers Week and British Science Week, we run a whole series of live stream shows, quizzes, assemblies and interviews every day that you can tune into to support your careers and science enrichment programme. 

We call it the Academy Pass – think of it as cross between Netflix and Cineworld. You have a timetable of shows and talks to choose from and you tune in to the ones you want to. If you miss a show, you can watch the recording straight away, any time up until the end of July 2025!

We don’t just give you access to the Academy Pass, we give you 4 more to share with schools in your community or MAT for March 2024

Book Square (1080 x 1080 px)

Ethical Bonus 2
Twelve Books from our Medical Series
Value: £178!

Your school will receive all 12 books in our ‘Big Book of…’ medical science series. Each book covers the inner workings of anything and everything medical from our organs to medical machinery, to medicine to poisons and much more. 

Each book has brilliant diagrams and is written for budding medics and scientists aged 10 to 14. 

Ethical Bonus 3
Medical Mavericks World Magazine!
Value: £99

Every half term we produce our own magazine called Medical Mavericks World. 

As a MedicFest host venue, we’ll send you FIVE copies of the magazine every half term for a whole academic year, starting in Sept 2024. 

Each issue looks at different medical careers, topical medical stories, how medical kit works, what different medicines do the body and science based memes…. we love memes!

Med Mav World Mag

Headline Academy Pass Shows

The two main shows in the Academy Pass, that every one raves about are:

The Human Guinea Pig Show: During this show, Tom takes your students on a journey through 5 different careers in the NHS by performing medical tests on himself and sharing some amazing video footage of medical procedures in action, including having a camera up his nose into his lungs!

The Senses Show: This is a fantastic interactive show that explores your senses and quirks of the human body. You’ll try 10 mini experiments along side Tom with no special kit needed… just some paper, pens and some sweets! Tom shows you what to do, you try it out and then Tom explains the science!