Pre-Med Digest Catch Up

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Session 1 - UCAS Personal Statement Preparation

In this session we take a look at what a UCAS Personal Statement is and how to best prepare and write one that gives you the best chance of being invited to an interview for medical school (or any other medical based course at university, including nursing, paramedic science, biomedical science, physiotherapy and much more. Tom is joined by Fatima, Hamnah and Zebah who are all 4th year medical students who have been there and done it!

Session 2 - UCAT Preparation

In our 2nd session we take a look at the UCAT aptitude test EVERY medical school applicant must take before they apply to medical school. Typically you would take this test in the summer between years 12 and 13. Studying for this test and getting it right is vital for any successful application. Think of it as training to become an athlete… you need to peak at the right time and not over train! Tom is joined by Ishaa, a 4th medical school student who coaches students to be successful in their UCAT prep! She give some great advice on studying techniques and takes us through the different sections of the test. 

Top tip: Watch it on 1.25 or 1.5 speed 😉

Session 3 - Aspirin Pharmacology & Toxicology

In the final session, Tom takes you through how Aspirin has its pharmacological effects for pain relief and how some of the side effects are also useful for cardiovascular disease, We then take a look at the toxicity of aspirin and how it affects the body in high doses. It really isn’t nice! 

Medical Mavericks Discover Academy

If you liked all three of our live streams and the recordings, you can join our Medical Mavericks Discover Academy. 

This is our exclusive online platform for budding medical students who want to build their knowledge of medical conditions, how medicines work and what happens in disease and pathology. 

Take a look at the video below, where Tom takes you through what it is all about and if you want to find our more and join, just click the button below.