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We promote NHS & STEM careers with free posters & videos, virtual shows & talks, an online Academy and our famous hands on workshops for schools, colleges & events.

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Definitely, but don’t just take our word for it.

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No, no, no, no… We focus on all sorts of medical careers, especially those that require grades A-C or 9-4, which makes them really accessible to so many students. Including those that don’t think they are good enough for a medical career or may not have even considered them before.

Check out our Careers Wall below that we bring in to the workshops!

We can run a workshop on repeat over the day in line with your timetable and see 30-40 students per session,


We can can run half day or full day workshops for selected groups of 30-60 students for some more in depth medical tests and analysis of their results,


We can also do whole year group science shows if that is your thing.

It’s more of a case of what don’t we bring! Here’s some of our most popular workshop activities:

  • See inside the body with an ultrasound machine
  • Record and print an ECG from your heart
  • Take a picture of the inside of your eye on an iPhone
  • Try key hole surgery on practice kit used by surgeons
  • Use a real needle to take blood from a fake arm
  • Try suturing on fake skin

Our speciality is Careers, but there are loads of links to Science, Health & Social Care, Maths, Engineering and Technology… oh wait… that’s STEM!

We can link into specific curriculum specs too! Just let us know what exam board and units you want us to cover and we’ll do the rest.

We have workshops for all types of student. From years 7 to 13, to Gifted & Talented to aspiring medics and those that just love science. Even if they aren’t into science, we can guarantee they will get something from the session. I mean, who doesn’t want to see the inside of their eye ball, scan their liver with an ultrasound and try their hand at key hole surgery!

We get asked this a lot so, we’ve written a special answer to it on our pricing page. Just click here to read it.

We inspire the next generation of medics and scientists.