Big Book of Body Experiments

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  • Launching Saturday 3rd June in the USA
  • 15 fun & easy experiments to try at home
  • Explore your senses and quirks of human physiology
  • Perfect for budding scientists aged 8 to 14
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What's in the Big Book of Body Experiments?

This amazing book has 15 fun and easy experiments you can try at home to explore your senses and quirks of the human body.

Each experiment uses house hold objects and no special kit is needed. You’ll discover the answers to these questions:

Did you know each one of your eyes has a blind spot?

Or that you can trick your brain to think you have a 6th finger!

What about testing your reflexes? What is that all about?

What happens to your pupils when you shine a light into them?

And how can you make your arms float up into the air without you thinking about it?
All of these questions and more are answered with the 15 brilliantly fun experiments you can try at home.

No special equipment is needed, just household objects such a mirror, gloves and a blanket.

Each one of the 15 experiments has clear instructions & images on what to do, followed by explanations on what the science is behind each one!
Perfect for your enthusiastic young scientist or doctor! 

Take a look inside the book!

It's not just about the experiments!

The book is crammed full of amazing facts about the human body, fascinating stories and REAL medical images from X-rays and ultrasound scans!
Oh, and don’t forget the memes. There is a special section on our favourite science & medical themed memes!

FREE Access to instructional videos
& BONUS Experiments!

As well as a physical copy of the book, you’ll also get free access to the accompanying instructional and explanation videos in our online Academy! You’ll receive log in details once you purchase.
You’ll also be able to try BONUS experiments, not featured in the book!

In the videos, Tom shows you how to perform each experiment with his daughter Beatrice!

Check out the Example Video

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About the Author

Tom is one of the UK’s leading science communicators with an expertise in Physiology & toxicology. After working in Universities teaching Nurses & Paramedics, he set up Medical Mavericks and has worked in schools across the UK for the past 14 years.

His expertise & enthusiasm for anything medical is 2nd to non resulting in live stream performances to over 100,000 children over the past couple of years. 

Join the EXCLUSIVE Launch Day waiting list for it's USA Release on 3rd June 2023