Medical Mavericks World

Medical Mavericks World

Medical Mavericks world contains amazing articles about careers, topical STEM stories, advice for students (and teachers!) as well as our favourite science memes! 

From Summer 2023, Medical Mavericks World will be released 6 times per year! 

Feel free to download and share in your schools, communities & network.

Summer 2023

Inside this issue we explore heart transplants, what a BSc degree is, Medical Careers beginning with the letter C, take look at traditional and modern medicines and a fab article on wearable tech to monitor head injuries! And don’t forget the memes… we love memes. 

Autumn 2021

In this issue we looked at the pathophysiology of Covid-19, how the vaccine worked, medical miracles, key hole surgery, the day in the life of a healthcare assistant and some very special sports science looking at aerodynamics of cyclists and their bikes in the velodrome!

Autumn 2018

Our very 1st edition from A LONG time ago… but still packed with top articles. We look at revision schedules, Novichok (remember that!), vein scanners,  how Walt Disney broke Tom’s daughters collar bone, how to find your dream medical career in 7 steps and an interview with a Microbiologist. 

We inspire the next generation of medics and scientists.