Medical Mavericks Workshop Pricing

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How much is a day of workshops?

This is the question everyone asks.

We know every school in the UK would love a visit from us and we would love to visit every single one too. However, until there is a magic fairy that can pay for everything, we have to charge for our workshops.

I have outlined some typical prices below, but wanted to explain how we get to this figure so you understand the price.

The typical price for a visit ranges from around £1000 to £2000 depending the duration of the day, number of workshops running and the number of students we see.
The average price for a secondary school is around £1600 + VAT.

So how do we get to this number?

First of all, there is the cost to deliver a day. There are typically 2 members of staff that get paid and as a company we also pay our bit of their PAYE and pension. The team travel to you in a van or car, so there is the fuel cost and insurance (ever tried to insure someone in their early 20s?… yikes!)

We are based in the West Midlands, so the majority of our team will have to stay in a hotel the night before if you are outside of this region. 

We don’t put them in the Hilton, but they have to comfortable as they may be on the road for the whole week, traveling up to 2 hours after they have finished your day. Repeat this 3 to 4 times over the week and the importance of sleep and being comfortable for the night is very important to the team.

Oh… and we also have to feed & water them! 90% of the price is for coffees… (I’m kidding!)

Then there is the kit, some of which is very expensive. For example our ultrasounds are worth nearly £10,000 and we’ll let your students play with it! 

We have lots of other specialist medical kit such as ophthalmoscopes, keyhole surgery trainers, phlebotomy training arms and vein scanners to name a few. We have bought a lot of this kit outright, but some are only made possible through finance deals that we pay for monthly.

For each workshop there are the consumables such as the workbooks, ECG print out sheets, ECG electrodes, needles, respiratory tubes and more.

In a typical day we could see between 150 and 200 students, so that’s a lot of consumables! Other pieces of kit need to be repaired and maintained too. The phlebotomy training arms have blood taken from them over 300 times a day and the skins need replacing each term at £200 a go!

Then there are our operational running costs. We have our office & logistics team that make everything tick along, insurances for vans, kit and liabilities, software subscriptions, telephone and internet systems to name a few. It all adds up. 

And then the last bit… the P word… the word that is often derided in the press, but it is important. Profit.

We don’t go out of our way to make an excessive profit as we want the workshops with us to be as accessible as possible. We want to see as many students as we can, but the profit we make helps us buy new kit and give us financial stability when we have quieter periods throughout the year such as Christmas, exam seasons and school holidays. Just because we are not visiting schools, doesn’t mean the bills stop. 

I hope you can see there is a lot that goes on to help you inspire your students with a visit from Medical Mavericks. We do everything to make it as cost effective as possible, but take everything above into the pricing.

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